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Hi, I'm Debbie

...yet let's not forget my A-list of hipsters, Jelena, Bianca, Surbhi and Savannah too...


You'll find me everywhere - out there in nature (in oceans, up mountains, in the sky), in airports (always heading to far away locations - anywhere my computer can go with me) and even sometimes in the kitchen cooking up a storm. 

They say my enthusiasm is crazily-contagious; my response to that? It's all there for the taking; if you don't make use of richness, diversity and options surrounding you, somebody else will. What an adventure it is to see where choices can lead! That's probably why you'll find me operating across multiple bases from Australia to Dubai, Bangkok and Shanghai, while surrounding myself with like-minded, switched on heroes such as Jelena, Bianca, Surbhi and Savannah too. One huge thank you ladies!


My latest 'baby' (learning en motion) has emerged quickly and with zest - to me, that means it's right! 

‘learning en motion’ is a contemporary response for those 25-40 year old frustrated corporate executives who are ‘at risk’ of being seduced by the global groundswell of entrepreneurship and self-employment.  As an online portal of development resources and provocations, 'learning en motion' equips executives to stay in the corporate world – at least for now, and to grow through facing frustration. 

What’s the sense in jumping out of one current frustration just for the sake of ‘escape’? This often results in the executive being ‘bitter, broke and bent’ in 12 months time. 




It is true that corporate frustration does exist due to disconnection; we see it between leaders and themselves, their boards, their people and their customer yet hey, that's the 'what is'.  Reaching 'what can be' is a choice, and will depend on what you choose to do with what you have! What will you do with our tools, tactics and strategies? I for one did not maximize these in my years of corporate employment - what a waste!

I want to help you build yourself up, not tear yourself down; do you want to be credible, noticed, appreciated, rewarded, and in-demand for those projects that you love or the input you are capable of? React and suffer or respond and grow.



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'learning en motion' is a brand of 'business en motion'


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