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Question 1 of 6

Q1 of 6


a. I have been working in the corporate world for a while and have no intention of leaving it, at least for now.


b. I feel I could do better if I moved on into a new organisation, division or my own business.

Question 2 of 6

Q2 of 6


a. I have multiple reasons for remaining in some form of employment arrangement. It can be frustrating, yet ultimately, I find that being in a company environment is valuable enough for me personally and I can think of at least three reasons why I would stay.


b. I find working in a corporate space frustrating or too limiting for my personality and talents.

Question 3 of 6

Q3 of 6



a. I accept that I am part of a bigger picture at work. As I strive to reach my personal career goals however, I could benefit from learning some more coping strategies to help navigate the limitations that surround me.


b. Having to deal with the inefficiency of others is too much for me. I need to be the one in control.

Question 4 of 6

Q4 of 6


a. I wish to be current, relevant, interested, in-demand and/or credible and know I can achieve that through the mechanics of the corporate world; perhaps I just haven't discovered the 'how to' yet.


b. Staying in my job wipes out my chances of being current, relevant, interested, in-demand and/or credible; the environment doesn't prioritize that for me.

Question 5 of 6

Q5 of 6


a. I enjoy working through problems and challenges no matter how frustrating they may be, and often involve others when they are interested.


b. Problems and challenges are an opportunity for immediate change; I can sort them out quickly and easily myself.

Question 6 of 6

Q6 of 6


a. I am clear on what matters most to me (e.g. family, growth, team work, benefits) and believe it is worth for me to stay in the corporate world and find ways to navigate towards these priorities.


b. I am clear on what matters most to me (e.g. family, growth, team work, benefits) and don't see that my time and effort as well as 'negotiating for my priorities' can reap returns in the corporate world.

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