3 steps to make or break your career.

 We’ve all been there, feeling morbidly unhappy with our jobs. Yet, the responsibility to move beyond that sinking feel lands fairly and squarely on your shoulders, and yours only.

The words ‘but I don't know how’ ring true from many a staff canteen! Sure, those words can be considered, yet only after considering other aspects first:

  • Your antennae in life
  • Your non-negotiables
  • Your dreams as your compass

 Your Antennae in life

Senses are a gift we all have from Mother Nature, with their prime purpose to keep us strong, aligned to who we are and out of danger. For example, our olfactory sense will warn us not to light a match when gas exists, taste warns us of the risk of possible poisoning, while our senses of hearing, touch and sight will inform us of our reality.

Often considered as a sixth sense, yet more appropriate to job dissatisfaction is our intuition, an often under-estimated communicator that we all too often choose not to hear or listen to. The innate, timely little nudges from within that communicate how something feels should be listened to more, as they prompt us about what feels right and we could do more of, and what does not feel right and we should do less of.

Taking responsibility

When you are bored, demotivated or turned off at work, are you taking notice of the inner feelings and messages you are receiving? Are you allowing them to guide you in to decision making to start your change process?

Your Non-Negotiables

We all approach life from many different angles, based on our own blueprint of fears and dreams, experiences, family history and legacies to name a few. Deep within your own operating system will be a set of values, things that matter most to you. The presence of living to our values helps us jump out of bed with energy and focus or alternatively their absence may have us waste yet another day moaning and groaning. These values have a role in life: they should be our instruments that help us discern what works for us and what doesn’t.

When you are suffering from job dissatisfaction, values are a great asset to work with. It is highly likely that you find yourself in your current negative reality due to a values violation, where you have taken a decision that was against something that matters greatly to you. For example, if ‘respect’ matters most to you, yet you took the job with a disrespectful boss because you needed the money, things will no doubt be uncomfortable as your ‘non-negotiable value’ was ignored. Let’s not live with values violations.

Taking responsibility

Do you know and live by your values, or is this still a mystery for you? Are you allowing them to guide you in to decision making to start your change process?

Your dreams as your compass

A ship requires navigation tools to tell it in which direction it is heading, just as you require a guiding light for you to aim for.

Are you going to work for something to do, or to do something? Dreams and purpose are the differentiator here, and form the backdrop for choices to paddle around in the same space or swim to greater and clearer waters. The choice survive or thrive is yours and yours alone.

Taking responsibility

Can you tell the story of your dream? Is it a story so compelling that you simply cannot NOT act?

 To move beyond the black hole your career is in currently, foundations need to be in place. Do not bake the cake without knowing you have the right pans and ingredients in place. Your career can be moved to greater heights if you set it up for success with strong foundations such as an antenna to keep you and your career out of danger, values to filter your decisions and dreams that will compel you into action.

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