Givers Gain

Does an artist create a masterpiece the very first time he places his brush on the canvas? Similarly, you as a frustrated worker in your job will rarely strike gold with your desired fulfilling career at the first moment you decide to pivot.

Yet you do know something needs to be done for career change to occur.

You want a new job or company?  You want to start your first self-employment gig?

Here’s the opportunity that you should be seeking. Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Decision-makers or partners-in-crime have relationships with people, not with paper, files or documents. They also choose to have relationships with the people that stand out for them, and …… gasp, someone who brings them added value, importance and ‘positioning’.

Jeff for example was looking to network with six(6) identified companies which could be likely customers once he was established, so started quoting, and tagging them in his social media posts. Adele for example offered her day off at no cost to learn the business, and when in there, recognized and shared a technology that if implemented would save a bucket load of money.  Briony had heard that one of her favored companies was looking to hire a ‘profile’ that has long-standing experience; she knew a perfect-fit candidate, so orchestrated a crossing of paths, and offered to connect the two parties. Jason wanted half an hour to explore techniques with a specific person in an upcoming networking forum; he researched what that person tweeted and wrote about, in order to discover what more he could bring to that person on that topic. All these examples are creative ways for you to get on to the radar of someone you may need in the near future. Yet for them, whilst they are there to serve, they are only human, and often view you through a lens of the value you bring to them.

Givers gain. If you are not gaining, perhaps you are not giving?

For these examples, some might call them a miracle. ‘learning en motion’ calls them the result of ‘getting out there’ (digitally or in person) and gaining attention to yourself through adopting a ‘givers gain’ approach.

Yes, this will take time, yes this will take effort, but is anything that comes easily worthy of your time? A new opportunity is there for those ready to give more than they gain initially. Could that be you?

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