Her name is Desi, and we describe her as 'The Desi Effect'.

resilience solutions Aug 08, 2019

It's show time! Let's get you onto the stage!

Are you male or female (good chance you are indeed one of those!), between 25 – 38 or 40, onto your 2nd or 3rd corporate role, smart, savvy and switched on, hungry to grow and experience success, happy to be busy and developing even if that means self-develop?  You have needs in your job role beyond the technical side of things, and know what will work for you. Many of you value inclusion, flexibility, efficiency of time, variety of methodologies, autonomy without micromanagement, space for creativity, time with family, ability to work to deliverables, access to information and resources to name but a few. For many-a-reason, you have no desire or ability to go out into the entrepreneurial world, and are happy to co-exist with the corporate world if ONLY those small damn frustrations would go away. You ultimately hope to be current, relevant, interested, in-demand, credible, appreciated and empowered and simply leave the frustration behind.  You wish the micromanagement would stop, the transparency to increase and the barriers to reduce.  Dare I suggest all of your ultimate hopes are possible with just a little ‘solution-mindedness’ thrown into the mix?

Enter stage right Desi – a young lady who fits the above profile 100% (well at the time of writing she did, however now she’s an indie operator). Yet humor me please and read on with full knowledge that she wasn’t at the time of writing this.

Desi is a great example of being part of a solution.  When she first ‘discovered me’ through LinkedIN and at our first subsequent meeting, little did I know that Desi had identified me as a potential mentor for her development journey; in fact she had her heart set on it.  I refused her pleas to be her mentor as I simply had too much on my plate, and given that she was a complete unknown to me, I couldn’t commit to the depths of assistance she wanted. In true form of a ‘learning en motion’ avatar, showing creativity, determination and hunger in the face of frustration and adversity, she engineered a process full of surprise for me, one that contained wins for both of us. Her final response to my rejection was creatively composed, it was more about me than her (yes you read that correctly), incorporated my own need (even though our engagements were to be all about her) and it was delivered at an unexpected time in a unique and significant manner. It really gave me no chance to reject her ‘offer’ to be my next mentee!

The ultimate outcome after 3 years of working together has not only been a great friendship but also:

  • for Desi, confidence and insights she could never have imagined
  • for me, tips and tricks that I never could imagine to have had access to in the field of technology

The challenge I represented to her did not stop her from seeing greatness and potential in the frustration of rejection. How did she make this work in the end, converting me from a conscientious objector to a stoic supporter?

  1. Her attitude and approaches demonstrated time and time again that no frustration will ever derail her
  2. She was willing to include benefits for me as well as herself in any solution that was built, showing the value win-wins bring to any workplace
  3. She came to me with clarity in her mind of ‘what can be’ and informed me why we could together represent a great partnership
  4. Her ideas and thoughts were process-driven not activity-driven, demonstrating respect for long-term, sustainable change.
  5. She was the driver of change in my world; I had no need to ‘flog a dead horse’ or ‘beg for input’
  6. She put the relationship first and foremost

The above is only the beginning of advantages you would receive by engaging with 'learning en motion'. Desi’s actions simply gave me no choice NOT to mentor her. Oh and yes, it's still showtime:)

Could you apply ‘the Desi effect’ to your workplace challenges? Let us know how you get on; we are up for interaction anytime through the below 'disqus' panel.  

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