Turn Your Work Frustration Into Power (Part I).

Feeling frustrated at work? Perhaps a strict boss is standing in the way of your workplace satisfaction? Maybe you aren’t crazy about the company’s policies because rules limit your productivity? Read on – here’s how you can use frustration to turn things around and achieve greater career success.

Workplace frustration comes from a place of separation. In fact, this separation happens within your own being when a certain dream hasn’t played out the way you wanted.

One part of this negative outcome may well be caused by the environment, such as a strict boss or company policies; is it also possible, however, that you yourself have been a part of the problem rather than the solution?

So let’s explore how to turn this negative work situation into a positive one – the good news is that you have a lot more control over it than your frustration is letting you believe.

When we have a desired way of work life, the responsibility to open the pathway towards it is on us. Scary thought? Yet no matter how scary or impossible it may seem at first, opening the pathway is well within our reach. For every time there is a roadblock in our way, we are likely failing to paint an effective picture for those on the other side of the equation.

Therefore, in order to engage your boss and allow them to see your intention, it is first necessary to address and bridge this separation yourself. Here are two concrete steps that can aid you in this process:

  1. Before you attempt a meaningful conversation with your manager, work on expanding your own ability to envision a positive outcome.What would your day look like if your desired outcome was a reality? How would it empower you to make a meaningful difference for others in your workplace?
  2. Understand that the decision maker needs to be able to see you in the position you envision. In order for them to feel truly engaged, he or she should be brought into your desired workplace priorities. Nobody is a mind reader.

Remember that the end result you envision and are so passionate about will benefit not only you and not only them; ultimately this outcome is a win-win for both sides. So, whenever you are afraid to share your dream, remind yourself that taking charge towards improving the situation that concerns you is in everyone’s interest.

Once you have a better understanding of where your frustration is coming from and what’s stopped you from addressing it, you can use this self-awareness to create a better translation of the situation and your desired outcome for your boss. In this stage you work on questions like ‘how can I speak the decision maker’s language?’ and ‘what can I do to paint the picture of mutual benefit to him or her?’

In order to communicate your dream to your boss in a compelling way, your goal is to create some kind of an emotional buy-in. You aren’t necessarily trying to get them to agree with your view, but are instead creating an emotional connection to help them see and understand your frustrations.

End of Part I

What are your thoughts? What is the most challenging aspect of dealing with your frustrations in the workplace? Do you feel powerless? Are you struggling with communicating your vision more effectively? Whatever your situation, comment and let us know – we are listening and happy to offer our expertise!

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