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Dope Up at Work


Why would you invest your time and money with curiosity in this mini-course?

With curiosity, dopamine, the natural neuro-transmitting chemical, will be abundantly flowing through your work. You'll feel focussed, committed and engaged, discovering that frustration can truly be influenced, strengthening your resolve and resilience.  Great return on investment, wouldn’t you say?

What you will receive is:

  • 4 learning nuggets
  • a collection of video
  • a series of worksheets
  • a 'Pathway to Curiosity Mastery' Master Sheet

Frustrate and stagnate or be curious and grow! Is there really a choice?

What People Are Saying:

There's some great insights in this course, and techniques too. What I really took away is that yep, my workplace is frustrating, but I can work around that and play it to my advantage.