A contemporary, systematic approach to eradicate your workplace frustration.

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Five great ways to change career frustration

   A balanced blend of independent and social creation

We know if you:

  • choose to approach your work frustration 'from the edge'
  • apply the key lessons from the  4 weeks of pre-recorded video content
  • plug and play your own circumstances into our 4-step framework
  • and engage with both our group forum and weekly live support zoom calls,

you will be the workplace solution your frustration requires. We'll be with you all the way, as you
break through barriers, earning additional credibility, inclusion, fulfillment and well-being.

PCP Opportunity

The Opportunity


  • The ‘What Is’ of the workplace frustration
  • The ‘What Can Be’ of the desired fulfilment
  • Your process pathway to move from frustration to fulfillment

Transformation of Self

  • The real issue
  • The Why’s
  • The blockages
  • Your SWOT
  • Your PPF
PCP Transformation of Self
PCP Transformation of Surroundings

Transformation of Support


  • What to remove
  • What to add in
  • What to keep


It's All Happening

  • BubbleMap

Picture of a fulfilling future and what that will involve

  • Track Device

Hold yourself accountable against your clearly-articulated 'how'; track your progress to stimulate further change 

PCP Ownership


This robust framework yields great results for any and all frustration in the workplace, be that a situation, a change, a well-being issue or a job role; the only pre-requisite is that you are curios and supportive of being a part of the solution.

You will create a set of tools and instruments which will help you  navigate and steer your future, for only 225 USD.

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