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Do NOT read this book if...

  • you want success without change
  • you want quick-fix effortless solutions
  • you are wanting someone else to implement your change
  • you don't believe success is in your hands

DO read this book if...

  • you are willing to put yourself to the test
  • you are open to not knowing all there is to know
  • you have the scars of failed attempts at change
  • you are curios to realign from the 'how' to the 'why'




Segment Intro: Context

Learn what this book offers for your time. How will it take you closer to career fulfillment?

Segment 1:
My 'What Is?'

Determine where complacency is holding your career fulfillment back. Check in with your reality.

Segment 2:
My 'What Can Be?'

Gain a glimpse into an urgent, focussed and determined adjustment to your career.

Segment 3: Become

Refer to a holistic model which should help your new career emerge and 'become'.

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