Our Raison d'etre (Reason for being)


 Raison D'etre (Reason for Being)

We say ‘Stay in the Corporate World’at least for now.

There are great reasons to be in the corporate world, aren't there? 

It provides at least one stable income your family so needs, it allows time with friends and community when you manage that, it provides the chance to put the DND sign up over vacation time (something a business owner can rarely do) and even perhaps some financial 'space' from large debt commitments.

It also provides opportunity for great projects, access to technology and clients normally out of your reach and opportunities to create solutions too, to name just a few.

So, as a 25 – 40 year old executive working in your 2nd or 3rd corporate role, why do you feel so frustrated?  Why is it that you could be happier and have not found that elusive fulfillment yet? Worse still, why might you be ready to derail your career and future growth opportunities by being seduced by the global groundswell of entrepreneurship and self-employment?  

Applying change to your existing job can be an effective strategy to move towards more satisfaction. So too, entrepreneurship and self-employment can work for the right person at the right time.  What however will not be ‘right’ nor serve positive outcomes is to enter those worlds reactively for the purpose of escaping current workplace frustration (when first experiencing them). Reaction will rarely serve successful change.  We witness time and time again great careers with great opportunity given up for the sake of ‘escape’, only to result in the person ‘bitter, broke and bent’ in 12 months time. React and suffer or respond and grow.


Your current work space

Not getting the projects you want? Not feeling respected or part of the team? Not having the resources and budget you want or need? Not having the level of freedom you want? No guidance or consistency of priority?  No possibility of balance between family and work commitments? No growth? No hope? Those are indeed very frustrating and challenging yet at the same time rewarding when you create a solution to move through them. Facing frustration is never easy yet presents to us our ‘edge’, our place of growth and opportunity to expand into capacity, credibility, confidence.


Stay in your frustrating corporate job - at least for now. Dig from the past, nurture the present and cultivate a healthy and strong future that will serve you well (when the time is right). This takes time and effort, with the cut-off point being when there is simply no other ideas to implement or techniques to apply to move through the frustration. The present is a treasure trove for you (even with those frustrations), allowing for proactive design and development of an aligned and sustainable future.  If and when you do finally step confidently away from those workplace frustrations being fully-equipped with capacity and confidence, THEN and only then will the transition to a new job, the world of entrepreneurship or self-employment be a case of an effortless zipline into a desired future, rather than that awkward up-and-down momentum of a bungee jump. The choice is entirely yours!

Make your job work for you! (at least for now)

Our Raison D'etre

We will 

- be your partner in the creation of a differing work reality*                                

 - facilitating a career solution you are fulfilled by and responsible for, while also gaining you increased support, relevancy and credibility in your workplace.

*for current or future choice of work model, be that employment, self-employment or entrepreneurship.


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