'My situation at work is so frustrating'

'My career is in crisis mode'
'It's time for me to change things up'.

Five great ways to change career frustration

Can I build a future career to my specifications? 

Explore this FREE guide to discover 5 ways and 4 tools to develop a fulfilling career.

Let's have you build your way out of career frustration into career fulfillment

We know if you:

  • plug and play your own circumstances into our 4-step framework
  • apply your learning from our 4 weeks of pre-recorded video tutorials
  • and engage with both our group forum and weekly live support zoom calls,

you will be the solution your career needs. We'll be with you all the way!

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Bianca from Philippines said:

This was a learning experience for today’s world; it focussed on my reality. The content of the videos and the input of others spurred me on. Social learning at its best. Whatever your workplace frustration, as long as you are focussed, and change is urgent for you, simply sign up now.

Robert from New Zealand said:

PCP is such a practical way of working with my career frustration. To me, it was more real than any Masters or Degree. Short, sharp, straight to the point yet built in a way that my tools remained dynamic and evolving throughout - and still are as they serve me even now.

Rania from Jordan said:

Very relevant knowledge. Debbie, as our coach asked the right questions that took us deeper on each weekly call. I remained fully accountable to myself and nobody else, yet continued to learn with and through the others in the group. I highly recommend PCP and its bonus content.