Hey there
I'm the Corporate Gap.


I'm that space in the workplace where frustration resides and separation thrives.

Many are only seeing me now, yet I started to show up pre-Pandemic, Brexit and even Global Financial Crisis.

What is worrisome is that I'm looming larger, every working day. 

I want to know more about reducing the Corporate Gap

I have a secret to share. 

Frustration in the workplace fuels my success! It reinforces differing priorities, driving an 'us vs them' reality. Misalignment becomes evident, hidden agendas separate and at times, destroy any chance of business success.

'learning en motion' ends the reign of the Corporate Gap.

Frustration Eradication

When solutions to workplace or career frustration are both sought and created, the person is seen to be a shining example of accepting responsibility. This will earn both credibility and greater followership as others are influenced and become willing to reciprocate. 

Partnership Approaches

Partnerships demonstrate that power exists in the 'space between the people'. Imagine a workplace where every relationship demonstrates positive synergies, each collaboration drives genuine respect and each project is considered 'our responsibility'.

Shared Priorities

Could management appreciate concerns about redundancy, limited resources and demands on skills? Could employees appreciate compliance requirements, rising costs of business and productivity pressures? What could the benefits be of shared priorities?


Does the Corporate Gap exist in your organization?


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I want to know more about reducing the Corporate Gap