The Resilience+ RoadMap

Create an individualized Resilience+ RoadMap that will guide you through  work-based frustrations. Convert confusion into clarity, separateness into solidarity, stagnation into inspiration or even hopelessness into hope. Strengthen your bounce-back capability while collaborating and growing!

Should I work on my Resilience+?

Grow through what you go through!


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My 'What Is'

Identify the source of power that generates your current frustration. Explore reasons, beliefs and alignment  +Roadmap

My 'What Can Be'

Design and define the work projects, conditions and partners you desire and long for; compare to current frustrations +RoadMap

My Operating System

Explore responses to diversity, connection, conflict,relationships; what enables you? +RoadMap

Skill-Hack Resilience

Unpack and repack actions you can take to strengthen your resilience levels              + RoadMap

It got me ahead!

Working with Deb's content for a long time now, I knew I was in for a different experience. This course opened me into alternative ways of influence and provided a new filter for me to adopt. I got great outcomes too; I'm now integrated into all that the workplace does. Be warned, you can't just tick the boxes in this course!    Jelena, Serbia

What's at Stake?

What's the best thing that can happen by staying deeply embedded in your frustration? What's the worst thing that can happen with increased resilience+?

Strengthen Resilience 

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